The Beach Road Residences are located right next to the Takoradi golfcourse and right on the ocean front  and only minutes away from the centre of this reviving town !  Plans are underway to construct another 4 star hotel in the vicinity, so this area is dramatically changing over the coming years !!
For exact location see the map.

Takoradi, Ghana

The twin city is one of the main metropolises in Ghana with a long history of trading with Europe because of the excellent access to the sea. The towns developed with the trade of cocoa and manganese  which products are all shipped through the harbor to the western world. Not too long ago a substantial amount of oil was found directly in front of the sea shore. This oil fields will to go into exploitation  within a very short time and which will give the next boost for the development of the Takoradi area. The current capacity of the harbour will be doubled, so expansion is coming soon.

From the colonial days onward Takoradi is constructed according a strict design and town planning which shows a well organized environment. As a result the control over the city is easy to maintain leading to a smooth flowing traffic, a clean environment and easy to reach shops and other commercial locations. There is no problem with draining the water in case of heavy rainfall.

The main housing areas are: the Centre with compact housing, Airport Ridge for residences with more space and the top location is Beach Road with all the villas. The city is expanding more inland, away from the centre, with a mix of smaller and bigger houses.

Takoradi also has the ingredients for enjoyment due to a number of beach resorts (Busua, Funko, Veivaag, etc.) and a choice of restaurants (Captain Hooks, North Sea, Planters, Raybow, African Beach, etc.). Around Beach Road there are a number of good hotels which can provide an enjoyable short stay for your visitors.
The city of Takoradi is conveniently located in between the metropolises of Accra and Abidjan, and has its own recently renewed Airport, for quick access to other cities.

Important area development

Golden Tulip Hotel

The Golden Tulip Hotel, only 500 m from our site. This hotel is being constructed now.