Project Information


To ensure that you will experience the true luxury feeling while staying in your home or on the premises, we offer you these facilities which provide all needed ingredients for a safe and comfortable living.

General services located in the Victoria Residence

  • Gymnasium with training equipment, showers and changing-rooms.
  • Caretaker residing in his own apartment with a service office.

General services outside

  • Swimming pool with all cleaning techniques and a paved relaxing area around the pool.
  • Guard house, surrounding fence and barrier gate.
  • One paved parking place per apartment and some for visitors.

General installations

  • Lift installations between the buildings for quick access to your apartment.
  • Cosy garden with grass, trees and plants.
  • Lights at the car park, lifts, staircases and in the garden.
  • Generator set automatically takes over power cut-offs.
  • Water tank and booster pumps ensure water pressure at all times.
  • Waste water goes into septic tanks underground.
  • 3 penthouses have their own spare watertank on the rooftop

Installations for individual apartments

  • TV satellite antenna with connection to the living room and the master bedroom.
  • Internet cable / telephone connection to the living room and the master bedroom.
  • Intercom installation with video and automatic door opener.
  • Separate water- en electricity meter per apartment.